Avalon Salon
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Why We Love Our Work

"This is a fun and very professional salon that is always there for my beauty needs and always gets it exactly the way I have envisioned it!!! Thank you"

We love our work for a number of reasons, and every stylist has their own experience of satisfaction with their regular clients. What we all share in common in the ability to transform hair or skin in ways that meet or exceeed our clients expectations. It's the feeling that they have and the way that they express their thanks that we love. We know what it feels like to look our best and we love to help others do the same.

It's really about life and how we all want to live. How we look on the outside reflects how we are inside also. We love to help clients feel good about themselves. We are also great listeners. Clients sometimes share stories about their life and we love to support them in their journey, even just by listening.